Local Players

Providence Rugby is always looking for new players. Whether you have been playing sports since you were 5, or you want to try something new you are welcome to join. We have had players from over 30 colleges come and play for the team throughout the years.


Foreign Players

Providence has sponsored foreign players from Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and Argentina over the last couple of years. The city of Providence is a growing city with a diverse population and a burgeoning art scene, along with plenty of attractions for you to visit.


College Players

Providence is a city at the core of a collegiate network. We have current players from: RIC, Brown, URI, Stonehill, Northeastern U, Bryant, JWU, UMass, and other colleges and universities from the New England area to the rest of the U.S. Both the women’s and men’s teams are highly competitive in DII rugby.


For the women's team, contact captain

For the men's team, contact captain