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Play for Providence Rugby

Providence Rugby is always recruiting - the best time to join our team is right now! We encourage any rugby players in the area to come out for a practice and meet the team. We don't make cuts, and we invest in the team and the sport by teaching new players everything they need to play the game.


Exerienced Players

Experienced Players
What are you waiting for? Whether it's been a few years, or you played just last season, dig out your cleats and come out to a practice. Our team can't wait to meet you, and help develop your skills to become the best rugby player you can be (or just have the most fun!). Join us after practice on Thursdays for a visit to our sponsor bar and get to know the team!

New Players

New to the Sport?
We know better than anyone that rugby is an exciting, addictive sport, and we want everyone to experience it. We train new recruits every season, teaching the fundamentals of form and safety, through to the complexities of game strategy and position-specific skills. If you're curious about rugby and want to learn more, come practice with us.  Rugby is for everyone - those who have played sports their whole lives, and those who have never touched a ball are all welcome to play. All you need to do is work hard! 

To learn more and prepare yourself to play, check out the following resources:

Rugby 101 by Major League Rugby

A Beginner's Guide to the Rules by England Rugby

World Rugby Beginner's Guide to Rugby
World Rugby is the international overseeing rugby body. This intro to rugby course will take you through all you need to know to understand the sport as a new player. Once you've opened the page, navigate through the entire course using the expandable menu on the left.


Gear You'll Need
Getting into rugby doesn't require a lot of specialized equipment. All you'll need are cleats and a mouth guard. Specialized rugby boots are available, but soccer and football cleats are popular among our players too. Want to come to practice today, but you don't have time to buy what you need? Sneakers and workout clothes work just fine.

Of course, there's more gear down the line - rugby shorts are important for game day and scrum practices. Scrum caps are great for players in the second row, or anyone who wants a little bit of padding around their head. Some players wear light rugby pads, all of which can be found locally at Rugby Imports in East Providence. Check out their site here:

Contact Us

Get in Touch!

For the women's team, contact captain

For the men's team, contact captain


Or just show up to practice! Our schedules are online.

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