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providence overhead
providence overhead

Providence Rugby Football Club extends an invitation and the great opportunity to international rugby teams to come to Providence, Rhode Island and experience all this city can offer both on and off the pitch.


If your team decides to tour Providence, the Providence Rugby Football Club will coordinate the tour for you. We help to find hotel accommodations, transportation, some competitive rugby matches and of course social events.


When an international team comes to Providence the excitement does not end with the great city life. There is the opportunity to play rugby at a high level of competition. Providence Rugby Football Club not only has a Men’s team, but an Old Boys and Women’s team as well, providing a large club with many members ready us to show our guests a great time.


The nightlife in Providence is exciting and entertaining. There is something for everyone – gaming, entertainment, clubs, bars and comedy, just to name a few options. For daytime entertainment the area boasts some of the worlds best Golf courses and beaches. And there is always the opportunity to explore other great cities, such as Boston, only an hour away, and of course New York City, a short 2.5 hour trip – all reachable by train or bus.